Episode 128: How to Sell More Products in Your Photo Business Without In Person Sales

how to sell more products in your photography business without in person sales

Today’s show is a special episode—this is essentially the audio version of the Facebook Live webinar that I’m putting on with Design Aglow to walk through my four step process for selling more products to my clients without using in person sales. Listen in for quick tips, or jump over to the Facebook Live recording to see me, see the visuals, and leave questions.

Want the full step-by-step directions to set up your virtual sale and the customizable style guide to share with your clients?

Get the Course: Virtual Product Sales for Wedding Photographers

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Have a gorgeous and professionally designed Style Guide Magazine to mail or email to clients before the wedding to prep them for the photography experience, get them inspired to buy wedding products and build excitement for the virtual ordering session after the wedding.
  • Be equipped with the proper sales process, tools and email templates to start selling more wedding products online after each wedding without committing extra evenings and weekends to client meetings.

virtual product sales

The course includes:

  • Style Guide Magazine Template: The Style Guide Magazine walks clients through preparation for their wedding or portrait photography and inspires them with ideas to style best-selling keepsake products into their homes; it also preps them for the virtual ordering session after the wedding or portrait session.
    • 28 pages of layered & editable Photoshop files designed to be printed as a mini-magazine to be mailed to clients or shared online. Magazines are designed to be printed as 5.375×8.25” MagCloud Saddle Stitched Pamphlets and to fit into an A9 envelope.
    • Insert your own images into the magazine with our pre-sized product mockups with smart objects.
    • Customizable product mockups [(18 in the Wedding version ($180 value), 16 in the Portrait version ($160 value)], along with stock product images to use on your website or in social media (15 in the Wedding version and 14 in the Portrait version).
    • All layouts, embellishments, text, colors, and design elements are completely customizable.
  • Virtual Product Sales Course:
    • PDF document outlining the full virtual sales process from beginning to end.
    • Prewritten email templates with professional verbiage.

What about portrait photographers?

A lot of you asked for a separate Style Guide Magazine template for portrait sessions, so you now also have the option to get the Portrait Style Guide Magazine that I’ve been using in my business for years – with a spruce up from the amazing designers at Design Aglow (click on “Options” to see this option). Here’s what it includes:

  • 28 pages of layered & editable Photoshop files designed to be printed as a mini-magazine to be mailed to clients or shared digitally. Magazines are designed to be printed as 5.375×8.25” MagCloud Saddle Stitched Pamphlets and to fit into an A9 envelope (these are easy to mail with a two ounce stamp – add in A9 stationary for a personalized thank you note).
  • Tips to prepare your portrait clients for a successful session, including what to wear, how to approach hair and makeup, and other helpful tips for a successful session.
  • Expectation setting to prepare your clients to purchase products after the session, whether in person or virtually (professionally written text is included for both options).
  • Home styling tips to inspire your clients to integrate print products into their own homes based on a curated list of best selling products.
  • 16 customizable mockups to insert your own images (a $160 value in itself – you’re free to use these on your website, in social media, or in other marketing).
  • 14 additional product stock images to use on your website, in social media, or in other marketing.
  • All layouts, embellishments, text, colors, and design elements are completely customizable.

This whole system has been a game changer for me over the past few years, and I’m excited to finally share it with you.

And if you act fact, you’ll get $50 off the full course.

Jump on over to check out the details.

I’m so excited to be a part of big changes for your new year.

Episode 41: Bootstrap Your Brand

how to choose brand colors

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus with my very first solo episode of Photo Field Notes! Today I’m talking about how to bootstrap your brand—how to create all of your branding elements (logo, color scheme, fonts, website, packaging, etc.) without spending a fortune and going into debt.

To go along with this episode, I’ve put together a one page resource guide with my favorite resources for inexpensive branding elements. You can download it here:

get the free resource guide: bootstrap your brand

Topics From Today’s Show:

  • How I use Pinterest to understand my ideal client
  • How to create a logo for your photography brand without spending a fortune
  • Using fonts in your brand
  • How to find color palettes for your brand
  • Putting together your brand packaging
  • Where to find templates for building your website quickly and inexpensively
  • How to handle tech support for your business website
  • What you choose to wear in front of clients
  • Presenting your brand in social media

Episode 37: Kristy Ryan on Turning Photography Clients into Raving Fans

Kristy Ryan, Blush Photography

Kristy Ryan from went from shooting her first wedding for $200 when she founded Blush Wedding Photography five years ago to being named British Columbia’s top wedding photographer. She now photographs 35 weddings a year—about a quarter of those are destination weddings ranging from Barcelona to Bali.

A few topics from today’s show:

  • How Kristy got started with as a destination wedding photographer
  • Why SEO matters
  • How Kristy builds amazing relationships with her clients
  • Client gifts
  • Entering contests to boost credibility
  • Attracting the clients and work you want

“I think part of why I love photography was…the collaborative nature of it…coming up with an idea and bringing creatives together to make it come to life.” – Kristy Ryan

“One foot in front of the other. Take action. You need to make it happen.” – Kristy Ryan

View a few of Kristy’s photos below, and be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up on her latest work.

kristy_ryan_destination_wedding_photographer_0002 kristy_ryan_destination_wedding_photographer_0003 kristy_ryan_destination_wedding_photographer_0004 kristy_ryan_destination_wedding_photographer_0005 kristy_ryan_destination_wedding_photographer_0006

Episode 30: Jonathan Canlas on Shooting Film & Refusing to Specialize

how to get started as a film photographer - Jonathan Canlas talks about how to start shooting filmJonathan Canlas: Becoming a film wedding photographerJonathan Canlas discovered photography while living in Japan. 20 years later, he’s running a thriving business, and he’s still shooting film.

  • FIND: Families Guide (From Jonathan: “I’m laying out how to shoot a family portrait session in a way that’s fast, fun and profitable.”)
  • FIND: Biz Guide (From Jonathan: “What if a single book could turn your photography business around? Whether you shoot film or digital photography, FIND: Biz covers the nuts and bolts of operating a profitable photography business.”)

A few topics from this show:

  • Why Jonathan never switched to digital photography
  • How shooting film impacts how Jonathan approaches weddings and sessions
  • How many photos he shoots for weddings and sessions, and how many he delivers
  • How Jonathan preps for a wedding
  • Why Jonathan doesn’t work with second photographers
  • Why Jonathan thinks photography specialization is a bad idea
  • Jonathan’s biggest wedding disaster story

Be sure to follow Jonathan’s latest work on his website and Instagram.

Episode 21: How Nick Ulivieri Found a Unique Perspective in Commercial Photography

Nick Uliveri: food and architecture photographer

Not many photographers can call a helicopter a part of their regular photo equipment, but Nick Ulivieri regularly flies high above Chicago as a part of his professional photographic work.

A few topics from today’s show:

  • How Nick made the leap from a full time job to full time self employed photographer.
  • How Nick figured out what to charge for his work.
  • How Nick learned the technical aspects of photography.
  • How Nick finds new clients (including Instagram).
  • How Nick got into ariel photography (and got clients to pay him to fly in helicopters).
  • What does a week in the life look like for Nick?

Check out some of Nick’s amazing photos below. Check out his website and follow him on Instagram to see more.

Nick Uliveri: food and architecture photographer





Episode 15: Justin + Mary Marantz on Creating a Profitable Business

Justin and Mary Marantz blew me away at WPPI back in 2011, so I knew that I had to talk with them for the Field Notes podcast to share their story and words of wisdom. In this interview, learn how Mary Marantz went from Yale Law School to co-owning one of the fastest growing photography studios on the East Coast when she met her now husband, Justin.

“Nobody else in this world is going to give you permission. Nobody is ever going to write you a letter or an email or knock on your door and go, ‘Okay, now you get to go out and chase your dream.’ And nobody did that for us, and when we first decided that we were going to have the business and I was going to turn down the law firm offers, there were a lot of people who said, ‘What are you doing? You can’t be serious’…You have to be the ‘can’ in your own life. You have to be the permission that you give yourself to chase whatever it is that you want to do.” —Mary Marantz

Recommended Reading for Photographers:

A little beauty from this talented team:

Justin and Mary Marantz
Justin and Mary Marantz

Keep up with Justin and Mary on their blog.

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