Episode 30: Jonathan Canlas on Shooting Film & Refusing to Specialize

how to get started as a film photographer - Jonathan Canlas talks about how to start shooting filmJonathan Canlas: Becoming a film wedding photographerJonathan Canlas discovered photography while living in Japan. 20 years later, he’s running a thriving business, and he’s still shooting film.

  • FIND: Families Guide (From Jonathan: “I’m laying out how to shoot a family portrait session in a way that’s fast, fun and profitable.”)
  • FIND: Biz Guide (From Jonathan: “What if a single book could turn your photography business around? Whether you shoot film or digital photography, FIND: Biz covers the nuts and bolts of operating a profitable photography business.”)

A few topics from this show:

  • Why Jonathan never switched to digital photography
  • How shooting film impacts how Jonathan approaches weddings and sessions
  • How many photos he shoots for weddings and sessions, and how many he delivers
  • How Jonathan preps for a wedding
  • Why Jonathan doesn’t work with second photographers
  • Why Jonathan thinks photography specialization is a bad idea
  • Jonathan’s biggest wedding disaster story

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