Episode 158: How to Work with Dogs as a Photographer with Nicole Begley

How to work with dogs as a photographer with Nicole Begley

Nicole Begley, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, is a zoological animal trainer turned pet photographer and educator. She created Hair of the Dog in 2012 to empower pet photographers to turn their dreams into reality by helping them improve their craft and grow their pet photography business.

Nicole has authored a book “Pet and Horse Photography for Everyone,” available on Amazon. She established Nicole Begley Photography in Pittsburgh, PA in 2010 but now serves the market of Charlotte, NC.

Nicole shares her home with her husband, two small humans, and her Puerto Rican rescue dog Zoey. Oh yes, she is also Chief of Staff to Emma the cat. She is the creator of the #selfiedog series, a travel addict, and a chocolate martini connoisseur.

Episode 156: How to Nurture Photography Leads with Lauren Pawell

Learn how to nurture photography leads to grow your photo busines

Lauren Pawell, MBA, helps entrepreneurs generate, nurture and qualify more leads online. She works with business owners and their teams, focusing on high-impact marketing efforts, so they don’t waste any time or money spinning their wheels on tactics that won’t drive real results. Case in point? That time she generated $262,822.58 in sales for a client using only 9 emails.


Episode 155: Grow Your Business on Instagram Without Losing Your Mind with Megan Breukelman

How to grow your business on Instagram as a photographer

Learn how Megan Breukelman grew her Instagram following AND more importantly – used Instagram to grow her photography business without turning social media into an unhealthy rat race.

About Megan Breukelman

Megan Breukelman is a photographer, educator and podcaster based in Brooklyn, NY. She works on wedding photography with her husband in the New York City area. With her podcast and magazine, Megan seeks to help photographers build on their passion. After working in fashion and marketing, her experiences have informed the way she sees, thinks, produces and educates. Megan has worked in agency environments, magazines, and with brands. You can find her in the heart of Brooklyn photographing weddings with Brooklyn Wedding Photo.

Find More From Megan:

Episode 154: SEO For Photographers with Galen Mooney

Galen Mooney is an online educator and SEO strategist with Local Creative Co., where she helps creative business owners attract their ideal clients online. She’s a self-taught web designer and photographer who fell in love with simplifying the technical side of SEO. Galen combines design best practices with the latest content marketing strategies to help business owners grow their audience and reach more of the clients they LOVE working with.

Learn more about Sprout Studio

Grab Galen’s Free SEO Checklist to learn more.

Episode 153: Surviving in Your Photography Business During Difficult Times with KT Merry

Consistently celebrated as a top wedding photographer and featured in publications like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Martha Stewart Weddings , KT Merry shoots exclusive destination weddings and editorials across the globe. A passionate conservationist, entrepreneur, adventurer, and lifelong learner, KT also mentors other photographers via public speaking, private coaching, and her signature online masterclass, The Abundance Plan.

Side Note – it was also fun to see that KT recently worked with Caleb Lee from East West, who filmed a 2013 personal video project for me and my husband, Jeff, when we lived in DC.

In this episode, we’re talking about how KT Merry built her business photographing high end weddings, destination weddings, celebrity weddings, and getting featured in major magazines. We’re also talking about why simplicity can help you stand out from the noise, how KT is dealing with 2020, and positive business planning during a crisis.

Find KT Merry online:

Episode 152: How to Diversify Your Photo Business with Photography Classes (Even with Social Distancing) with Cyrissa Carlson

How to diversify your photography business by teaching photo classes

You may remember Cyrissa Carlson from Episode 104 about social media marketing. Today, she’s back to talk about how you can diversify your photography business through local photo classes, even in the age of social distancing.


FREEBIE8 steps to teaching your own photo class

The Sparkle Academy Workshop

30% off discount code for your people: PHOTOFIELDNOTES

Find Cyrissa on Instagram at @sparkle.society

Episode 151: How to Find Your First (or Next) 10 Photo Clients with Emily Jenks

How to find your first (or next) 10 photography clients with Emily Jenks

Emily Jenks is a San Francisco based photographer, attorney, and educator. What makes her most happy in her work life is to have happy clients – whether it is a photography, legal, or photography education client.

Today on the podcast, episode is sharing her strategies for finding your first (or next) ten paying clients. Learn how she made more money as a photographer than she did as an attorney.

Find Emily on Instagram at @emilyjenksphotography

Episode 150: Stand Out by Tapping into the Unique Stories of Photo Clients with Stormy Solis

Stand out by tapping into the unique stories of photo clients

Stormy Solis is an award winning family photographer based out of Denver, Colorado. She captures poetic moments in epic locations around the world. Her photography is full of heart and imperfect like people. Her deep rooted love of nature and honest moments are reflected in her work.

We’re talking about why tapping into the heart of our work and the unique stories of each family we capture is more important now than ever, in the come-back from COVID as non-essential business owners.

Learn More:

Episode 149: The Five Steps of the Selling Staircase with Nikki Rausch

The Five Steps of the Selling Staircase

I’m taking with Nikki Rausch from Sales Maven about how photographers can approach sales without feeling like cheesy sales people. We’ll walk through the the five steps of the selling staircase:

  • How to create a positive first impression that establishes a real connection
  • The difference between using a ‘cat-calling’ and ‘dog-calling’ technique to create curiosity (Spoiler: cats are better than dogs in this instance)
  • Using the ‘discovery phase’ to understand our client’s needs
  • Why we should propose the services that our client needs, not what we think they can afford
  • How to recognize and respond to buying signals

Get Nikki’s ebook: Closing the Sale

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