My Photography Backup Workflow

Learn about how to back up files as a professional photographer. I’m walking through the systems that I have in place and my photo backup workflow to make sure you never have to worry about losing client photos.

Working With Friends as a Professional Photographer

A lot of professional photographers struggle to find a balance between work and friendship—especially when friends played a crucial role in portfolio building in the first place. Today on the podcast, I’m talking about how to work with friends as a professional photographer in a way that avoids awkwardness and makes sure that you’re not giving aways hours of free services that you don’t really feel comfortable giving away. I’m also talking about when I do give away free photos and how I do it in a way that doesn’t take over the time that I’ve set aside to spend on paid projects.

Finding Opportunities in the Failures and Diversifying Your Photography Income With John Greengo

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with photographer John Greengo about how he’s managed to turn career failures into opportunities as a photographer and how he found a way to diversify his photography business income beyond taking photos. And here’s the truth—this conversation with John took place more than TWO YEAR AGO, and my eight-months-pregnant self at the time had…

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Getting Clients to Feel Natural in Front of the Camera with Cathrine Taylor

Today on the podcast, I’m talking with photographer Cathrine Taylor about getting clients to look and feel natural in front of the camera – if you’re ever stressed about how to pose clients, this is the episode for you. In preparation for today’s episode, I put up two polls on Instagram to ask you how you feel about posing. In…

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CloudSpot’s Gavin Wade Offers His Counterpoint: Should Photographers Share Images with Vendors?

Last week on the Photo Field Notes podcast, I talked with Mikkel Mihlrad about protecting yourself as a photographer while sharing images with vendors. This week, I have a follow up interview with Gavin Wade of CloudSpot to talk about his view on sharing images. Should photographers share openly? If we do choose to share, how much time should we invest? How can we make it easier to share the images?

Should Photographers Share All Images with Vendors? An Open Conversation with Mikkel Mihlrad

with wedding photographer, Mikkel Mihlrad, about how much she’s willing to share with wedding vendors and how she makes sure that she’s getting a return on her time. Do you share your photos with vendors? Have you ever wondered about whether you might be sharing too much or spending too much time? Hear what Mikkel has to say—it might just change how you approach sharing images.

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