Episode 42: Q&A: Building an Associate Photography Team

how to hire associate photographers for weddings

Today’s episode was inspired by a list of questions from a photographer who is thinking about starting her own associate wedding photographer program. Melissa, props to you for doing your research and asking questions before starting a program yourself. I hope this episode is helpful to you!

A Few Questions From Today’s Show:

  • How do you find the right person to be your associate photographer?
  • How do you advertise associate photographers?
  • How do you manage associate photographers (client meetings, payments, etc.)?
  • Do you provide assistants and second photographers, or does your associate provide them?
  • Who edits the weddings and sessions?
  • How do you handle branding if your associate has a business of his or her own?
  • How do you handle liability with associate photographers?

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Photo by Lauren Nicole, and Allie & Co. Photography Associate Photographer.

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