Episode 109: Bartering Ideas for Photographers (Listener Contribution Episode)

Today on the podcast, I’m sharing your ideas for bartering your services as a photographer (along with a few of my own ideas). Thanks for my contributors this week, who shared their own bartering experiences:

If you want to grab this image that I created in collaboration with All Grand Events (as a part of our own barter), you can grab it here, then insert your own image to share online. Be sure to tag @allgrandevents or http://allgrandevents.com to give Emily credit for her gorgeous floral styling.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I learned the value of bartering early in my career and continue to do it now. I have bartered photography services for jewelry, clothing, new front steps to my house, yard work, reupholstery work, graphic and web design work, taxes, massages, hair coloring and cuts, dining credit at restaurants, and probably a lot more! It is always a great way to acquire items that I might not splurge for otherwise.

    • I love that, Alice! Maybe I’ll have to have you on for a future episode to learn your tricks for approaching all of these people for bartering 🙂

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