Episode 171: How to Stand Out Online in 2021 with James Patrick

How to stand out online as a photographer in 2021 with James Patrick - a photo of Jame Patrick looking to the side holding his camera

James Patrick is an award winning photographer, best selling author, entrepreneur coach, podcast host and public speaker based in Phoenix, AZ. He is the founder of FITposium, an annual conference guiding fitness entrepreneurs to grow their careers. James has received a variety of awards for his work as a photographer, marketer and entrepreneur.

Leveraging his diverse experience, James has presented on stages coast-to-coast in the United States and has been interviewed for numerous TV, radio, magazine, newspaper and podcast features. James is the author of FIT BUSINESS GUIDE: The Workout Plan for Your Brand and is the host of the Beyond the Image Podcast. His mission is to create art and opportunity for others.

Resources from James Patrick:

  • Text 480-605-3254 and ask for the lighting guide
  • Instagram: @jpatrickphoto

Resource of the Week:

Episode 167: Level Up Your Sales Game with Dave Lorenzo

Dave Lorenzo’s life changed when he was hit by a taxi on his way to a high pressure consulting meeting in New York City. He made a promise to himself that day that if he came out okay, he would get off the hamster wheel and set up a business that would give him more freedom in his life. Now Dave helps business owners develop their own growth strategies, including better sales. Today on the episode, Dave is sharing his sales tips with you.

Episode Notes

Find the resources that Dave mentioned on the show at

Schedule a free 15 minute call with an accountant who specializes in working with photographers

Episode 55: Overcoming Jealousy as Photographer

Photographer and Photo Educator, Allie Siarto, sits at home in front of framed printsFeelings of jealousy, comparison and inadequacy sometimes come with the job description as photographers and creative entrepreneurs. Today, I’m discussing those nagging feelings that no one wants to talk about and how you can overcome them in your own business and everyday life.

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Episode 37: Kristy Ryan on Turning Photography Clients into Raving Fans

Kristy Ryan, Blush Photography

Kristy Ryan from went from shooting her first wedding for $200 when she founded Blush Wedding Photography five years ago to being named British Columbia’s top wedding photographer. She now photographs 35 weddings a year—about a quarter of those are destination weddings ranging from Barcelona to Bali.

A few topics from today’s show:

  • How Kristy got started with as a destination wedding photographer
  • Why SEO matters
  • How Kristy builds amazing relationships with her clients
  • Client gifts
  • Entering contests to boost credibility
  • Attracting the clients and work you want

“I think part of why I love photography was…the collaborative nature of it…coming up with an idea and bringing creatives together to make it come to life.” – Kristy Ryan

“One foot in front of the other. Take action. You need to make it happen.” – Kristy Ryan

View a few of Kristy’s photos below, and be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up on her latest work.

kristy_ryan_destination_wedding_photographer_0002 kristy_ryan_destination_wedding_photographer_0003 kristy_ryan_destination_wedding_photographer_0004 kristy_ryan_destination_wedding_photographer_0005 kristy_ryan_destination_wedding_photographer_0006

Episode 22: How Sara Wolfram Grew onelove photography to a Team of 40 People

sara allen

Sara Wolfram started her career as a sports photographer, but after shooting her first wedding, she was hooked. Now, Sara has a team of 40 people shooting and assisting for her company, onelove photography, where she does all of the editing.

A few topics from this show:

  • How Sara transitioned from a single photographer to a team, and how she grew into multiple cities.
  • Building a team with likeminded photographers while protecting a specific vision and style.
  • How Sara balances training and managing her team, selling new business across multiple cities, shooting ten weddings a year and editing every wedding that goes through her company.
  • How Sara learned to do sales.
  • What the client experience looks like with a team setting.
  • How Sara feels about studio space—does it matter for selling?
  • What is the mistake that many young photographers make that Sara has overcome?
  • Setting clear expectations with clients

View some of Sara’s work below, and be sure to check out more work on her website, on Instagram and on Facebook.

sara allen, onelove photography sara_allen_onelove_photography_0002 sara_allen_onelove_photography_0003 sara_allen_onelove_photography_0004 sara_allen_onelove_photography_0005

Episode 21: How Nick Ulivieri Found a Unique Perspective in Commercial Photography

Nick Uliveri: food and architecture photographer

Not many photographers can call a helicopter a part of their regular photo equipment, but Nick Ulivieri regularly flies high above Chicago as a part of his professional photographic work.

A few topics from today’s show:

  • How Nick made the leap from a full time job to full time self employed photographer.
  • How Nick figured out what to charge for his work.
  • How Nick learned the technical aspects of photography.
  • How Nick finds new clients (including Instagram).
  • How Nick got into ariel photography (and got clients to pay him to fly in helicopters).
  • What does a week in the life look like for Nick?

Check out some of Nick’s amazing photos below. Check out his website and follow him on Instagram to see more.

Nick Uliveri: food and architecture photographer





Episode 20: Maria Bayer: How to Sell as a Creative Entrepreneur

Maria BayerAs creative professionals, we photographers are often drawn in by the artistry of creating beautiful images, and many of us struggle with the necessary business mindset that it takes to turn photography into a viable full time business. Maria Bayer is on a mission to change that mindset for photographers and other wedding professionals—she’s a sale coach who specifically works with wedding professionals to help them win clients and charge what they’re worth.

A few topics from today’s show:

  • Listen to Maria talk about the selling mindset that you must have to win clients and charge what you’re worth
  • Learn how to build value with your clients (hint: it’s harder to do through e-mail)
  • Learn a few quick tips that you can implement now to start vetting potential clients and leading them to book larger packages
  • Hear Maria talk about the two different ways her clients go about selling products


Learn more about Maria’s training at and on Facebook.

Episode 19: How Ian Holmes Niched Himself as an English Speaking Romantic Photographer in Paris

Ian HolmesBefore he was a photographer, Ian Holmes was an image retoucher living in Paris. The more he worked on other peoples’ images, the more he became interested in photography himself.

Eight years later, Ian has built a name for himself as an english speaking romantic portraiture photographer in Paris. He shoots 25 weddings each year and three to four portraits sessions each week. During his off season, he heads off to the French Alps to recharge for the winter.

I met Ian in 2013 when he took photos for me and my husband while we were in Paris. We love the photos, and they have a special place in our home today.

A few topics from today’s show:

  • Find out how clients discover Ian
  • Find out how Ian connects with wedding clients who travel from out of town
  • Hear how Ian grows his skills in the off season
  • Find out why Ian is starting to incorporate film into his business
  • Find out which lens Ian can’t live without
  • Hear Ian’s advice about what every photographer should be doing to grow

Check out a few of Ian’s photos below, and head over to his website to see more.

Ian Holmes Photography ian_holmes_photography_0002

Episode 18: Jill Devries on Standing Out in a Crowded Market


Jill Devries studied communications in college and landed a great full time job after school. While second shooting weddings on the weekends, she realized that she wanted to transform her passion for photography into a full time career. For the next year, Jill continued to do photography on the side, learning, growing, networking and building up her professional equipment. After a busy year, she gave herself a goal of 20 weddings on the books before quitting her full time job. She went full time in April, 2010, and she hasn’t looked back.

Over time, Jill has learned to take photos that reflect how she sees the world—photos that are true to her unique vision. Rather than trying to be like someone else—an easy trap to fall into—Jill does her own thing, and she never feels like she’s in competition with other photographers who have their own styles.

In this interview, Jill tells her story and addresses what it’s like to run a business as an artist—dealing with fear and uncertainty while always pushing forward.

Recommended book: Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders

A very small sampling of Jill’s amazing body of work:





See more amazingness on Jill’s blog.

Episode 17: Michelle Moore on Breaking in as a Fashion + Senior Photographer

Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore is a fashion and senior photographer based in Seattle. In this podcast interview, Michelle shares how she went from studying atmospheric sciences in college to leading a successful photography studio that focuses on fashion and senior photography.

I always love to ask for book recommendations from other professionals. Michelle recommends 4-Hour Work Week. While the book becomes a bit convoluted at the end, the overall concept of living your life now rather than working life away helped Michelle refocus her work life balance.

See more of Michelle’s work on her blog.






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