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A Virtual Product Sales + Style Guide Magazine Template


Does your schedule leave you overwhelmed by the idea of in-person sales? Do you still want to diversify your photography business and boost your bottom line with additional product sales without having to meet your clients for an extra sales meeting? Do you want to inspire your clients to display your professional images in their homes rather than letting them sit on a hard drive?

This course and Style Guide magazine sales template will walk you through the exact steps to start selling more products online after each wedding. Our proven virtual sales method will guide clients through the ordering process online while you focus on other things—you don’t have to be there to sell the products.

Created by Allie Siarto in partnership with Design Aglow (affiliate link)

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Product Description

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Have a gorgeous and professionally designed Style Guide Magazine to mail or email to clients before the wedding or session to prep them for the photography experience, get them inspired to buy products and build excitement for the virtual ordering session after the wedding or session.
  • Be equipped with the proper sales process, tools and email templates to start selling more products online after each wedding or session without committing extra evenings and weekends to client meetings.

Perfect For:

  • Photographers who have been interested in starting in-person sales, but who feel overwhelmed by the time commitment, process or lack of studio space.
  • Introverted photographers who fear in-person selling.
  • Photographers who want to boost income through additional product sales

Style Guide Magazine Template:

The Style Guide magazine walks clients through preparation for their wedding or portrait photography and inspires them with ideas to style best-selling keepsake products into their homes; it also preps them for the virtual ordering session after the wedding or portrait session.

  • 28 pages of layered & editable Photoshop files designed to be printed as a mini-magazine to be mailed to clients or shared online. Magazines are designed to be printed as 5.375×8.25” MagCloud Saddle Stitched Pamphlets and to fit into an A9 envelope.
  • Insert your own images into the magazine with our pre-sized product mockups with smart objects.
  • Customizable product mockups [(18 in the Wedding version ($180 value), 16 in the Portrait version ($160 value)], along with stock product images to use on your website or in social media (15 in the Wedding version and 14 in the Portrait version).
  • All layouts, embellishments, text, colors, and design elements are completely customizable.

Virtual Product Sales Course:

  • PDF document outlining the full virtual sales process from beginning to end.
  • Prewritten email templates with professional verbiage.


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