Episode 116: What it Costs to Run a Photography Business

During money month on the podcast, I’ve talked about the psychology that goes into seeing something as high quality or valuable, ten ways to add value to your photography services, and how to price your services based on value. This week, I’m talking about a different money topic—spending and budgeting. I’m breaking down what it costs to run my photography…

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Episode 113: Understanding Consumer Psychology as a Photographer

I’m sharing some basic concepts related to consumer behavior. You may think that you’re judging a product based on the general quality of the product itself (intrinsic cues), when in fact, a huge part of your judgement comes from other factors that make us feel a certain way about the product (extrinsic cues). I’ll share some specific examples, both photography related and stories about other products, to illustrate how consumers are actually judging the quality of your work (this might surprise you).

Episode 108: Why You Should Over-Communicate With Your Photography Clients

Today on the podcast, I’m talking about why photographs should be over-communicating with their clients every step of the way. I’m telling you how many touch points I have with my clients, when I get in touch with them to create a great client experience and set expectations, and what to do when things go wrong with a client project.

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