Episode 165: The Artist Marketing Formula with David Emmons

The Artist Marketing Formula with David Emmons

David Emmons has been an artist for decades, selling his copper and stained glass hanging water gardens at the most prestigious Art Festivals in the country.

He spent over 30 years of his life setting up and tearing down more shows than he can count. He spent countless days sitting in the rain. He’s felt the disappointment of merely breaking even after a grueling week on the road. Discouraged, he sipped the weak coffee, listened to the roar of generators or repetitive Christmas music all day, and lost his voice from days of endless talking. He missed his wife, and his kids, and the many things he dreamed of doing.

Being a self employed artist/crafts-person should mean having MORE free time, not less. It should mean having greater quality of life – Having the ability to chase your dreams…

Three years ago, David made a shift and it changed his life. Up to that point, he was doing 30 shows a year. Now he only exhibits at 1 or 2 of his favorite shows. This massive shift happened simply because of how he uses his Facebook business page and his online marketing skills he has developed. His internet business increased by 1,000% and is rising monthly. His Facebook page increased from 757 fans to 96,000 fans in just three years and it is still increasing at a rapid pace.

Now that he is free of the frustration of working so hard to make his business profitable, David has turned his focus towards helping others learn how to use online marketing to create this same freedom and success for themselves.

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