Episode 3: Amanda Wilcher on Getting Your Work Published and Shooting Abroad

Amanda WilcherAmanda Wilcher always had a creative spirit, so photography was a natural outlet for her creative expression. She started with personal projects to learn how to use the camera as an extension of creativity—she photographed friends first, which eventually led to her first wedding (and a first wedding story that rivals Dale Benfield’s).

A few topics from today’s show:

  • Being more than just the photographer (being a friend)
  • Thinking on your feet during weddings
  • Knowing who your “target bride” is, and showing the work you want to shoot
  • Specializing to stand out
  • Transitioning to a new city (or in Amanda’s case, a new country! Hear how she has handled her business as she followed her hear to Dublin, Ireland)
  • The power networking (with a great story about how networking saved Amanda when she lost all of her gear the night before a wedding)
  • Getting published

Recommended Resources:

See some of Amanda’s stunning work below, and be sure to check out her blog for more.

Amanda Wilcher Photography

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