Episode 33: Alicia Caine on Why Specialization Matters as a Photographer

Alicia Caine: Photographer Specialization

After I talked with Jonathan Canlas a few weeks ago about why he refuses to specialize as a photographer, I thought it would be fun to counter his views with the views of Alicia Caine, a super wiz on branding, pricing and making it rain in the photography business.

Alicia actually just came out with a course on how to take yourself from generalist to specialist as a photographer, and she’s passionate about the power of specializing. In fact, her own specialization was what took her from stay at home mom to full time breadwinner for herself, her husband and their three children (she’s now up to seven kids, and her business has shifted to focus on helping other photographers).

A few topics from today’s show:

  • How Alicia found her specialization and why she recommends specialization for other photographers.
  • What she would do differently if she was starting her business in today’s market.
  • What is specialization versus a category? For example, newborns and weddings are categories, but specializations go even deeper.
  • Alicia points out why Jonathan Canlas actually does specialize (she’ll explain how)
  • Building sustainability into business.
  • Building a brand (branding elements).

You can find more from Alicia through the links below:

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