Episode 114: 10 Ways to Add Value (and Charge More) as a Photographer

how to charge more money as a photographer

This week, I’m diving into 10 ways to add value (and thus charge more) as a photographer (listen to the full episode for more details). Here’s a quick outline of what we’ll cover:

  1. Help them design the session.
  2. Help them do something with their photos (e.g. printed products).
  3. Show them a slideshow.
  4. Share quick tips to prep them for the session ahead of time.
  5. Use a system to manage contracts and invoices and to manage your workflow so you respond more quickly to emails.
  6. Get your posing down.
  7. Get your clients published.
  8. If you’re a wedding photographer, write out their timeline.
  9. Buy a styling board.
  10. Bring an assistant.

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