Episode 47: Molly Mahar on Goal Setting and Self Confidence For Photographers

Molly Mahar, founder of Stratejoy

Molly, like many of us, woke up one day and realized that the life she had built for herself—working what she had imagined to be her dream job at a boutique hotel—simply wasn’t making her happy. Cue crisis, a search for herself, and after a lot of self discovery and travel, a new life.

Now Molly runs Stratejoy, where she empowers and gives tools to other women to help them find joy in a messy world. I’ve been through one of Molly’s courses myself, and it was so life changing that I knew I had to have her on the podcast.

A few topics from today’s show:

  • Inner conflict, feeling unfulfilled, making giant leaps and learning to adult
  • Gaining clarity for your dreams and your goals
  • How to set goals that will actually make you happy
  • Jealousy, comparison and defining “success”
  • Getting away from the expectations of others

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