Episode 73: Collaboration, Creativity and Connection for Photographers with Khalid Ibrahim

Collaboration, Creativity and Connection for Photographers with Khalid IbrahimKhalid IbrahimThe photo on the left was a collaboration between photographer, Khalid Ibrahim and lettering artist, Angela Southern. See the image in its original form below.

Khalid Ibrahim of Eat Pomegranate is a commercial photographer, wedding photographer and epidemiologist. It’s an interesting combination from the start, and when you add in the fact that he moved to the U.S. from Pakistan when he was 12 and continues to travel the world as a part of his epidemiology work, Khalid has developed a truly unique way of viewing human interactions, both from behind the camera and in day-to-day life.

Today on the podcast, we’re talking about how Khalid approaches working with people—from collaborating with designers to making people feel comfortable in front of his lens.

Check out some of Khalid’s work below and on Instagram (@eatpomegranate).

Photos by Khalid Ibrahim of Eat Pomegranate

Khalid Ibrahim and Angela Southern Collaboration

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  1. Awesome interview! Both the interviewer and the interviewee , Allie and Khalid were great . Lot of cool information related to taking relaxed photos of people, through Khalid’s story. I applaud this young man and his dedication both as an epidemiologist and as a photographer. Wish you good luck son.

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