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Episode 169: Daily Habits for Entrepreneurs with Jeffrey Shaw

Daily habits for entrepreneurs with Jeffrey Shaw

Topics from today’s episode:

  • The daily habits of an entrepreneur
  • The Self-Employed Ecosystem for a healthy business and life
  • How personal development increases your capacity for success
  • How to create a Business Model of Multiples

How many people can say they’ve never worked for anyone else? Selling eggs door-to-door at 14 years old began a lifetime of self-employment. As a small business consultant, Jeffrey Shaw coaches self-employed and small business owners through all the business growth and personal development they need for a successful business.

Drawing on his experience as a renowned portrait photographer, Jeffrey sees in others what they don’t see in themselves and apply the business strategies that result in a successful business and fulfilled life.

Jeffrey Shaw’s Resources:

Other Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Episode 167: Level Up Your Sales Game with Dave Lorenzo

Dave Lorenzo’s life changed when he was hit by a taxi on his way to a high pressure consulting meeting in New York City. He made a promise to himself that day that if he came out okay, he would get off the hamster wheel and set up a business that would give him more freedom in his life. Now Dave helps business owners develop their own growth strategies, including better sales. Today on the episode, Dave is sharing his sales tips with you.

Episode Notes

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