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Imagine for a moment:
  • Getting more referrals from existing clients without spending a fortune on gifts (even before the wedding happens).
  • Showing up on the wedding day to couples who greet you with hugs, feel like old friends (even if you’ve never met in person), call you by name (instead of “the photographer”) and trust you completely.
  • Setting expectations and gently guiding your couples so that they’re primed to be your perfect wedding day clients.
  • Doing all of this with the click of a button without spending a ton of time or hiring an assistant to manage it all (just set it and forget it).

I know how you feel—you want to create the perfect client experience from beginning to end, but you’re only one person. You’re busy running your business, and you don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around to shower your clients with lavish gifts.

You need a simple and inexpensive way to create an amazing client experience, create touch points that will build a relationship of trust and set expectations for the wedding day.

You’re in the right place.

I spent the early years of my business running into these frustrating situations with my wedding clients:
  • Couples would send me HUGE lists of “must have photos.”
  • I would be introduced as “the photographer” at the wedding instead of “Allie.”
  • I wouldn’t have enough time to get the photos I really wanted to get.
  • I wasn’t getting as many referrals as I wanted from my couples.
  • I would celebrate new wedding bookings, then I wouldn’t hear from them again for months.

I finally realized that I was the problem. I wasn’t creating a client experience that would set us all up for success.

That’s why I finally created the Bride Guide Autopilot Email Series.

I created a series of 13 emails that walk couples through how they can make their wedding day—and wedding photography—run smoothly. Since starting the series, I’ve seen:

  • Couples change where they get ready to match my ideal style.
  • Couples plan their entire schedules around their photos.
  • More couples plan unplugged ceremonies.
  • Couples plan out their family photos ahead of time the way I want them to so I don’t get stuck with a list of 50 family groupings at the last minute.
  • Couples have more trust in the photos I take and where I take them (no more shot lists!).
  • Couples put more thought into the small details that make my job easier (where they put the cake, where flowers get delivered, etc.).
  • Couples reply to my emails regularly to let me know how helpful they are.
  • Couples greet me with a big hug on the wedding day, and they are excited to refer me to friends, even before I take a single photo for them.

It’s made such a difference in my business that I decided to share it with you.

The best part is that the entire thing runs on autopilot.

Once you set up the email series, you simply add your bride to it, and it will go out automatically once per week (or once every other week), so you’ll have ongoing touch points to build trust with your clients for 3-6 months straight.

I’ll show you how.

Here’s what the Bride Guide Autopilot Series includes:

13 adaptable emails that are completely written and formatted for you to guide your couples through the most important aspects of working with you. Use the emails exactly as they are, or add your own personality and photos.

Tech setup videos to walk you through how to set up your email automation in minutes (don’t worry about the technology—I’ve got you covered). Choose between MailChimp (3 cents per email, 39 cents per couple) or 17Hats (no additional charge for existing members).

Bonus Content:

Wedding Day Timeline Builder: A complete guide to walk your clients through how to create a wedding day timeline around their photos, including 8 sample schedules. Add your own branding ($35 value).

Second Photographer Guide: This guide helps clients understand the benefits of having a second photographer for their wedding day, and when it is most necessary.

Are you ready to change the way you do business?


  1. I have been sending this series out to my brides this year and they are LOVING it! They have said to me that it is so full of helpful tips that they would have never thought of. One bride said she would look forward to receiving the email each week and would even tell her mom every time another one came in. She was so excited!! This is worth every penny because of the amount of time it would have taken me to create something like this on my own. THANK YOU for helping me help my clients!! 🙂

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