Episode 98: Finding Opportunities in the Failures and Diversifying Your Photography Income With John Greengo

Finding opportunities in the failures and diversifying your photography income with john greengoToday on the podcast, I’m talking with photographer John Greengo about how he’s managed to turn career failures into opportunities as a photographer and how he found a way to diversify his photography business income beyond taking photos.

And here’s the truth—this conversation with John took place more than TWO YEAR AGO, and my eight-months-pregnant self at the time had every intention of publishing it before my second daughter was born, but after she came a bit early, I went into survival mode and put the podcast on hold for a little more than a year until I figured out how to balance parenting two little people with a full time business (for more on balance with kids, check out my bonus Mother’s Day episode with Katrina Russo). Forgive me, John. I’m so excited to finally share your interview and insights with the world.

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