Episode 142: How to Boost Photography Inquiries Through Your Website with Britt and Kelsey from Launch Your Daydream

Britt and Kelsey from Launch Your Daydream are back to talk about how to boost leads and inquiries through your photography website. Here are a few of the questions we’ll go over:

  • Does advertising on The Knot really work?
  • Before someone inquires, they have to get to your website. Talk to me about where most photographers get their referrals.
  • How can photographers boost their referrals? 
  • How can we boost our Google or search referrals?
  • What about Facebook?
  • Give me some ideas for how photographers can use Facebook Live.
  • How should we look at boosting referrals from other photographers?
  • How can photographers drive more people to fill out the contact form?
  • Let’s talk about “ghosting” after someone inquires – do you think there’s something we can do to limit it?

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