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Episode 32: How Amy and Jordan Demos Both Quit Their Jobs & Took Wedding Photography by Storm

Amy and Jordan photography advice

Amy and Jordan were high school sweethearts— they met when they were 14 years old in freshman english class. After becoming teachers in the same school, Amy found herself getting pulled in by the world of photography. Jordan soon followed, and within a few years, they had both quit their day jobs to run their wedding photography business full time as a husband and wife team.

A few topics from today’s show:

  • The journey toward becoming a full time husband and wife wedding photography team, including why Amy and Jordan chose to quit both of their jobs at the same time rather than having one jump all in first, and how they made it work.
  • How Amy and Jordan have used their blog to attract clients (sometimes they even attract clients before they meet their future spouses).
  • What does the client experience look like for Amy and Jordan couples? How many touch points do they have with clients throughout the experience?
  • Why do Amy and Jordan always meet couples at Starbucks for their first meetings?
  • Learn why Amy and Jordan insist on engagement sessions.
  • Listen to how Amy and Jordan talk about how they connect with clients throughout the year through personal social media.

Check out Amy and Jordan’s free ebook, Make Your Dream Job a Reality for more advice about making the leap into full time photography.

Check out some of their beautiful work below, and be sure to check out their website and follow Amy and Jordan on Instagram to see more.

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